Tours and travel: Getting the most out of your time away

When I travel, especially for business, I often try to do something I couldn’t do at home. For instance, if I have some free time, I opt to not go see a movie but to see a play or musical performance instead.

I’ve tried doing lots of “Wellington things” with my daughter but I still felt I was missing something. So today, we did the “Wellington Explorer Tour” with Wellington Rover Tours. This did the trick. Our tour guide, Laura, was enthusiastic and very informative. This one tour not only pulled together the individual things we’d done in the city, it also helped us get a feel for the city in the context of New Zealand. (She’d also let us know we’d been in an earthquake yesterday. Not sure how we missed that!)

I highly recommend taking a tour of the place you’re in!

I lived in Jerusalem for a year, so I know that not all the things tour guides say are necessarily accurate. But the folklore and anecdotes are fun to hear.

If you’re in Wellington, I’d recommend checking out Wellington Rover Tours–especially the longer Lord of the Rings versions!

[UPDATE: I came to do my last seminar in Napier. My daughter and I decided to go on the Art Deco Trust’s 2 1/2 hour walking tour. Terrific! We would’ve missed out on most of this city without the tour. And my daughter really go into the architectural features!]

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