Testing a Chevy Volt

My test drive of a Chevy VoltThis week I’ve been test driving a Chevy Volt.

Overall, I really liked the Volt. I felt like it had more pep then my Prius.

But I couldn’t get used to the plugging in. The Prius charges the battery as you go; the Volt requires you to find an outlet to charge the battery. You get about 26 miles on a full charge. After that, it’s all gas.

I put about 500 miles on the Volt this week so I feel I got a great feel for it.

Love the dash

I love the Volt’s dash. You get constant feedback on how you’re driving. There’s a green circle that you try to keep in the middle for optimum efficiency. And there are other displays showing how efficient your driving style is and how efficient your climate control choices are.

I’m a sucker for feedback. I think I’ll be accelerating and braking a bit more slowly.

Pardon me, could you spare a plug?

I’ve never been more aware of electrical outlets! The closest I came to a plug was at the hotel in NH. Unfortunately, the factory cord was just 8 inches to short.

So I used gas for my trips. The sticker says it only gets 37 mpg on gas. 🙁

Great for local travel

I’m returning the Volt to the dealer tomorrow. I’m keeping my Prius. I drive to a client 4 hours away each week. I wouldn’t be getting any benefit from the Volt’s battery.

But, if I still worked 1 mile away from my house (like I did for 5 years), I would definitely consider the Volt. A friend drove it for a month and only needed 7 gallons of gas! That would be wonderful.

I’d encourage you to check one out. I bet the folks at Central Maine Motors Auto Group will let you take the Volt for a spin!

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  2. pkio3 says:

    In all not a bad review. I’d like to add some real world data. I’ve been driving my Volt for 6 months. I live in Houston and commute 29 miles round trip to work. I opted to install a 240 volt charging system to reduce charging time and charging losses. After 6 months I am averaging 43 miles a charge. My best was 50 miles and my worst was 28 miles. I pay ~$0.098/KwHr for electricty. I’m measuring 24KwHr/100 miles at the wheels and 28KwHrs/100 hours at the wall. That works out to ~$0.027/mile. I have driven 4063 miles and used just 5 gallons of gas and am still using the gas that was in it when I purchased it. I get stopped all the time in parking lots and at stop lights by people wanting to know what I was driving. I have never had anyone complain about leg room in the back seat. The car is quick, quite and the finest vehicle I have ever driven.

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