Apartments while traveling

My daughter definitely likes apartments better than hostels!

My hosts for the TONIC Conference used to find a very nice apartment near both the conference and the beach!

(“Bach” is Kiwi slang for “flat” which is a more pedestrian “apartment” for those of us from USA.)

This apartment would easily have fit my entire family, yet cost about the price of a moderate hotel room. It even came with a parking spot in a covered garage.

When I travel, I like to be frugal and do food shopping at a grocery store. This apartment let us do that.

And we could easily walk to the beach to do some homeschool reading in the morning. Walking through residential neighborhoods definitely made our stay in Tauranga even more enjoyable.

I definitely recommend trying out sites like

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New Zealand on a budget

Traveling with a child is very different than traveling alone or with my wife. But I’ll blog about that later.

Yesterday, my 8 year old daughter and I arrived in Auckland, NZ. In an attempt to be budget conscious, and remembering fun travel during college, I chose to stay at the Auckland City Youth Hostel.

Great rates and a wonderfully central location. But the dorm like atmosphere and the shared bathrooms weren’t exactly a pleasant surprise for my daughter. 🙂

(The entire facility was very clean.)

I treated her to breakfast at the Langham Hotel right across the street. That was a great treat! She had great pancakes and I had the largest serving of bacon I’ve ever seen!

Fortunately, our hosts for the TONIC Conference have rented an apartment near the beach for us for the next few days!

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Packing for business travel

Here’s a 10 minute video on how I pack for travel. Since my first job as an admissions counselor for Gordon College, all of my jobs since college have involved travel, and I’m often asked for tips and tricks. So here is what I’ve learned over the last 15 years of travelling.

This is my first such video. To record this video, I used my Flip UltraHD video camera [amazon affiliate link] and the XShot Camera Extender [amazon affiliate link] I received as a gift from my friend Jon Swanson.

I show how I use the Eagle Creek Pack-It Folder [amazon affiliate link] and the Eagle Creek Pack-It Cube [amazon affiliate link]. (Eagle Creek, not EMS despite what I say in the video!)

Other things mentioned in this video include:

I must say, TripIt Pro has really made my travel easier. TripIt Pro sends notifications to my phone via text and my email so I know about plane delays long before they’re posting them in the airport. This, and my terrific travel agent at Day’s Travel, has helped me make sure I’m at my speaking gigs even when flights are canceled.

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Treating people well and asking for what you want while traveling

Here’s my first video blog recorded at the Las Vegas Hilton while speaking to the Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America’s International Bowling Expo.

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New Travel Blog

Travel tips from the travels of Marc A. Pitman, The Fundraising CoachI do a lot of travel. People often ask me questions about things like how I pack or where I stay. As I answer them, I realize that I my experience might help others. (I also tend to overwhelm people with the answers!)

So I’ve started this blog. This site is definitely inspired by Chris Brogan’s I plan on posting all manner of things there, including experimenting with video.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey!

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