Camper parks and budget conscious travel

Remember how a couple days ago I mentioned I tried to keep our lodging a bit flexible? Well I had two Ask Without Fear! fundraising seminars in Lower Hutt. So I decided to find where I was speaking and then find a place to stay.

It just so happened that the Wellington Top 10 Holiday Park was immediately adjacent to my first seminar location and about five minutes from my second. Perfect.

Top 10 Holiday Parks are a New Zealand campground park. This one had lots of plug-ins for RVs but is in an industrial part of town so the constant hum of highway traffic was distracting.

The accommodations were reasonably priced but pretty sparse (although yet again, my daughter was able to get her own room). The self-contained unit sort of felt like a slightly larger camper van. The smell was like that of an old cabin. And the sliding glass door in entrance right in front of my bed and the constant hum of highway traffic added to my “exposed” feeling.

But if you’re looking to travel on a budget, this is a possible option. The grocery store wasn’t too far away. Be careful, most stores and restaurants close by 8 p.m. here. So if you arrive late, you might be out of luck until the morning.

We were charmed by the ducks and rabbit that seemed to crave my daughter’s attention!

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