Best Hotel Travel Program?

Which hotel rewards plan is best? Marriott Rewards?
Which hotel rewards program is best? HiltonHHonors?
Which hotel rewards plan is best? Priority Club?
I recently posted a LinkedIn question asking what hotel chain had the best travel programs: Marriott Rewards, HiltonHHonors, or Priority Club?

In the less than scientific tabulation of results, the votes were along these lines:
Marriott: 42%
Hilton Honors: 53%
Priority Club: 5%

What I found more interesting were the comments and suggestions people made about travel programs. These included:

I simply direct all hotel programs to frequent flyer program.

Use CapitalOne Rewards is great. “Wherever I stay, I get 1 free night every 10.”

Fairmont President’s Club

Sheraton Star Rewards

Look to see where the best resorts are. If you want free stays in Hawaii, go for hotel chains with hotels actually on the beach rather than across the street.

One of the most comment refrains went along the lines of this comment by Bernard Wilson.

“Best program for anyone is one you will use.”

My choice

While being a Priority Club member has helped me get wonderful service at Holiday Inns, I’ve opted for the Marriott Rewards program since their hotels are more readily available where I travel.

I’d love to hear what programs you like the most!

Add your comment to this post. And pop over to LinkedIn to see all the other responses.

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2 Responses to Best Hotel Travel Program?

  1. I love travel plans that coincide with a great friend’s spare room. I feel blessed to have a chance to catch up. But when I do have to stay at a hotel, I am usually looking at location before I consider rewards – Marc I think you just pointed out that I need to reconsider that.

    • marcapitman says:

      Glad I could help! 🙂

      I used to love crashing at a friends. But now I find that exhausting. I love training, but I need some down time too.

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